Screening of 十四颗苹果 14 APPLES | Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2019


台湾 Taiwan、缅甸 Myanmar / 2018 / 84 Min / PG / Burmese 缅甸语/
English & Chinese subtitles 中英字幕/ 类型 Genre: 纪录片 Documentary

导演 Director:赵德胤 Midi Z

纪录片《14颗苹果》展现了在全球化的时代中,佛教 超越人道主义理想的力量。

王兴洪长期受失眠的困扰。他的母亲去找算命先生寻 求建议,算命先生让王兴洪短期出家14天,且每天要 吃一个苹果。王兴洪来到缅甸中部的一所乡村寺院, 剃光头发,穿上红色僧袍,成了一名真正的和尚。在 欢迎仪式中,尽管当地妇女衣着朴素、房屋简陋,却 竭尽所能装满王兴洪的钵盂。在王兴洪为当地村民做 顾问的短短几天里,他发现村民不惜一切办法活下 去,甚至选择去中国、泰国和马来西亚当合法或非法 移民。他也了解到其他僧人挣钱、补贴收入的方法。

Shin-hong suffers from insomnia and encounters many problems in his life. His mother seeks advice from a fortune-teller. The fortune-teller asks Shin-hong to get fourteen apples. He should then take them to a temple in the rural area in central Myanmar and live as a monk for fourteen days, eating an apple a day.

Singapore Chinese Film Festival is co-founded and organised by the Singapore Film Society and Singapore University of Social Sciences, and is held annually since 2013. The main objective of the festival is to promote the appreciation of quality Chinese Cinema here in Singapore. Through panel discussions and dialogue, the festival aims to foster deeper interaction between Singapore filmmaking talents and filmmakers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

It is currently the second largest film festival held in Singapore in terms of number of films screened and audience attendance, with yearly growth in attendance since its inauguration in 2013.

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Tue Apr 23, 2019
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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